Qual a melhor maneira de contar motivos de saída na hora entrevista?

What is the best way to tell reasons for leaving at the time of the interview?

Well, here are two precious tips:

01 – Don’t lie (sounds obvious, doesn’t it?)

02 – Simplify.

About not lying – which we should never do – what I mean is that there is a high probability that the recruiter will take references about his career. If you say that you left a company because you got a better offer when it was actually a performance shutdown, that could play against your lawsuit. best wine cooler

Do not lie. Neither about reasons for leaving, nor about your level of English, nor about anything.

About simplifying, that’s where the big leap of the cat is. I have often interviewed people who have taken a giant spin, spending more than five minutes, explaining the position and temperament of the dismissing boss, rather than investing time talking about more important topics.

You’ll have little time to talk about your activities and achievements, so don’t waste your precious space justifying something the market is already used to hearing naturally.

Simplify your answer and take the focus off business changes.

Examples of short answers that can be used in this case:

– I changed because I did not feel challenged and sought a greater challenge.

– The company closed a department and I went out with other professionals.

– I left to devote time to study or exchange.

– I was shut down for a restructuring.

– Entered a new boss (director, manager, etc.) who preferred to work with the team he already knew.

Be succinct. All of these justifications are normal, recruiters are used to listening and should be short answers. Take the focus off the change or exit reason. Do not waste more than 30 seconds when the recruiter asks you this question.

Invest in what you have achieved, accomplished and contributed to each operation. Bring cases, bring a notebook to note, interact positively with your interlocutor, as all this will contribute to the achievement of your goal.

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