It’s no use just participating in processes. We must go well. Want to know how?

Fortunately, the year 2018 started better than in 2017, with the labor market showing signs of recovery. It is still not the boom in hiring that we saw between 2010 and 2013, but it is a breath of hope for what could be the beginning of a recovery – so important for Brazilians who have been suffering in recent years due to a lack of good employment opportunities. job.

Let’s now turn to a very important subject: Performance!

If you can participate in a selection process is not an easy task, it is important not to waste the achievement with poor performance during the stages of selection processes.

As a professional interviewer, I have separated some inappropriate behaviors to be avoided and also quick tips to help improve performance in the long-awaited (and often dreaded) interview room.

Come on!

>> Misconduct: I’ve seen a lot of senior people (experienced managers, directors and vice presidents), spending more time on the interview talking about why they came in and out of each company, than actually counting the experiences, accomplishments and main contributions .

>> Tip: Invest more time telling what you did, how you did, and if possible, already bringing cases that corroborate with your speech. This will surely generate more dynamism for your story including making it more interesting.

>> Misconduct: Do not research about the company. It seems obvious that we should research as much about the company as about our interviewer, but the truth is that a lot of people simply do not.

>> Tip:

:: About the company – enter the company website and see in detail all pages and information, with special attention to mission, vision and values. If you are a listed company, download the balance sheets and investor communications. Also look in google for national and international news related to the company in recent years (if it has undergone merger, acquisition, etc.). See sites that talk about company culture, such as Love Mondays, for example.

:: About the interviewer – It is a good idea to see the profile of who is going to interview you on LinkedIn, to observe which companies he has been in and if he has already written an article or if he has already given you an interview (which can be searched on youtube). Social networking can also serve to generate rapport. Imagine if you like to ski and the photo of your caller at the FB is just skiing in the Valle Nevada.

>> Misbehavior: When it comes to telling about professional history, I’ve seen people talking for 3 minutes, and people telling their career in more than an hour. I once asked an executive to tell me about the last three professional experiences, and he replied, “Sure, I’ll tell you yes, but first let me explain why I decided to go to accounting college. My father, who is an accountant, graduated in … “. Outcome: I had booked an hour for the interview (and he was warned of this), and it happened that politely I had to interrupt the meeting when he had just finished telling about his father’s professional background, so as not to delay my next appointment .

>> Tip: When the interviewer tells you about your career history, do not be 8 or 80. Calculate that between 20 and 30 minutes is a good time for you to talk about your career, giving more importance to the last 3 passages or to the last 10 years of history. Think that usually an interview lasts between 45 minutes and an hour. Another tip is to interact with your interlocutor whenever possible to know if he has any questions or concerns about a particular topic. With this you can feel the temperature of what really matters most to him. Always ask for help! Sometimes he is interested in knowing about your experience as a leader and you are spending time counting technical topics. Ask, listen, absorb and direct. Oh, and be nice too. Smile always helps.

>> Misconduct: Being inappropriately dressed. Suit and tie for interview in advertising agencies or T-shirt for interviews in the financial market are generally not in line with the dress code of the activity. Exaggerated perfumes can also cause a bad impression. I’ve left the interview room a few times because of the excesses, just as I’ve seen candidates not being hired by their immediate boss powers for the same reason.

>> Tip: On the way to dress, the linkedin can also be an interesting tool since it shows the profile of the professionals of the company. On the perfume, if you decide to use it, prefer to sin for lack than for excess.

>> Misconduct: An out-of-reality response to salary expectations. Do not be ambitious by saying you want to earn double and not too complacent enough to say you accept half of what you earn or earn.

>> Tip: Take the focus off the pay. Reinforce your interest in the company and participate